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Wednesday, July 2, 2008


A wyvern (or wivern) is winged reptilian creature. Its origin is in Europe. The name "wyvern" derived from the Saxon word Wivere, which means "serpent". The French wyvern is known as the Vouivre. Both words are etymologically related to viper.

These creatures are smaller relatives of dragons with a poisonous sting in their tails. Unlike European Dragons that have four legs, the Wyvern has only two legs and two wings (with manueverable claws that act almost like hands). The rest of its appearance can vary, such as appearing with a tail spade or with a serpent-like tail. Also unlike dragons, wyverns cannot breathe fire.

Heraldry and symbolism
Wyverns can symbolise envy, war, pestilence, and viciousness. However, they also have a more noble depiction as a sign of strength and endurance. Wyverns have been on shields and banners for hundreds of years. They are a sign of strength to those who bear the symbol.

Modern Usage
The wyvern was the emblem of the rulers of Wessex and the word "Wyvern" is associated with the many areas of Wessex, reflected in many county and town heraldries of the South West and west of England. It also has been used farther afield in Herefordshire and Worcestershire, as the rivers Wye and Severn run through Hereford and Worcester respectively. Therefore, the wyvern is often used as a mascot in the west and south west. For example, one of the local radio stations is called Wyvern FM, and its first logo, in 1982, featured a wyvern dragon.

A special thanks to Wikipedia and to Tacimur of Deviantart for this great image!

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