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Friday, June 6, 2008


Goombas (クリボー, Kuribō) are depicted as brown mushroom-like creatures with feet, bushy eyebrows, and a pair of fangs sprouting from their lower jaw. They generally tackle, headbonk, or bite an enemy. The Goombas once lived in peace in the Mushroom Kingdom, but they betrayed their homeland to side with Bowser. It is that Goombas have a long-standing fear of Koopa Troopas.

Physical Appearance
Typically, Goombas are brown and look like mushrooms (or chestnuts) with feet. They have bushy eyebrows formed into a scowl, and occasionally upward-pointing fangs. Goombas are blue or gray in the dark underground areas of the Mario video games and darker brown in night-time areas. Their color appearance is likely due to an evolutionary trait. They blend into the surroundings to make them less visible to both predators and prey.

Micro and Paragoombas
Many variants of the Goomba have appeared throughout the years including Paragoombas (パタクリボー, Patakuribō) and Microgoombas (マメクリボー, Mamekuribō).

Paragoombas are distinguished by their winged appearance, thus making them more versatile and mobile than typical Goombas. In comparison with a regular Goomba, the Paragoomba has two wings which give it the ability to fly across the game screen. It appears in two shades of brown: the lighter colored Paragoomba can fly and occasionally release Microgoombas, while the darker colored Paragoombas do not release Microgoombas, and merely hop along the ground like green Paratroopas. Paragoombas roughly correlate with the seagoing Blooper enemies, who sometimes lead a string of nuisance Baby Bloopers.

Microgoombas are miniature, parasitic Goombas which latch themselves onto Mario, reducing his jumping ability, or hides under a brick and jumps whenever Mario approaches it (the latter is known as a Pile Driver Micro-Goomba.) To destroy the Micro-goombas, Mario just simply has to dunk himself in water or vigorously repeat quick jumps and the Micro-goomba will drop off. Microgoombas are the children of the Paragoombas.

The Goomba complains to Yoshi that his junior siblings have been stomped on in previous Mario games. Goomboss looks virtually identical to King Goomba from Paper Mario and is the same person. He is one of Bowser's recurring elite, like King Boo or the boss Wiggler.

Attack Strategies of the Goomba
The Goomba behavior changes slightly when they spot Mario. Instead of wandering back and forth they first perform a small hop, as if to indicate surprise, and then give chase to him. Goombas have the ability to use a power-up that mimics a jump attack similar to Mario's jump attack. These Goombas ride in giant individual green boots with a winding key. When a Goomba equips the boot, the Goomba can jump towards their enemy.

Furthermore, Goombas use the strategy of attacking in groups of two or three. This forces Mario to cautiously stomp on a single Goomba to avoid being attacked by a nearby Goomba, especially in an enclosed space, although with the proper velocity and timing, it is usually possible to bounce off of one onto the next, killing them all without touching the ground.

Also, some Goombas can come to Mario in different ways, such as dropping in with a parachute (the parachuting Goombas assume the Paragoomba name, and the Goombas with wings are called simply Winged Goombas) or floating inside a bubble.

In addition, Goombas introduce the fundamental collision detection for a generic Goomba. When a Goomba collides with an obstacle or another Mario enemy, the Goomba will always walk away in the opposite direction. While certain Mario enemy sprites such as the Cheep-Cheep would pass through other Mario enemy sprites, the Goomba will react to other Mario enemies.

Defeating a Goomba

Goombas can be defeated by a kick as well as the traditional stomp. However, Goombas can also be killed with other abilities. The giant Goombas will yield blue coins if Mario performs the ground-pound attack on them.

Normally, the Goombas die if they are jumped upon from above; however, if they are attacked creatively by destroying the blocks underneath them, they will leave behind their boot, which Mario can then jump into, making him almost invincible.

However, in some cases, jumping on a Goomba does not defeat it, but renders it immobile, allowing Mario to pick it up. These instances are slightly less common, but when Mario stomps on them, they are knocked upside down and rendered immobile for a short period of time. When this happens, Mario can pick the Goombas up and carry them, until they resuscitate themselves. Like Koopa Troopas, Goombas hurt Mario upon contact once they revive.

A special thanks to wikipedia, the makers of Mario, and Nickiegoomba for the information--
and to ign boards for this slightly stolen image.

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