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Tuesday, June 24, 2008



A chocobo (チョコボ, chokobo) is a large, normally flightless galliforme/ratite bird capable of being ridden. While ordinary chocobos are yellow, certain rare breeds are of different colors and have special abilities, such as crossing mountains or flight. An even rarer, more extreme variant is the Fat Chocobo (or Chubby Chocobo), which resembles a morbidly obese yellow or white chocobo and can humorously stock the party's items in its stomach or appear randomly when summoning a chocobo in battle. Chocobos have occasionally been sighted as lightly armored war mounts in which case they can assist their riders with beak and claw. Overall, the species is a very versatile and useful bird, which comes in handy as horses. The onomatopoeia for a chocobo's call is "kweh" (クエ, kue) and is sometimes replaced with "wark" in English translations.

As Mounts
Most chocobos dwell in forests (although many live quite conspicuously in grasslands). While timid in the wild, and vicious if threatened, they tame rather easily and make good transports. In this role they tend to be capable of crossing shallow water and are noted for their high speeds. Most often they can be caught in the wild and ridden without fear of random encounters, escaping after the player dismounts. Chocobos can be raised and bred to be excellent racers.
In War
Chocobo can be equipped with various saddles for armor, and strap-on claws for weapons. There are also special furnaces where the owner can forge unique weapons and Recycle Boxes where the rider can combine items to get a new, randomly produced item. There are also feathers which provide various special abilities. Chocobo can also assume the form of some of the monsters from the game if he steps on certain traps.

Wild black chocobos appear as monsters, while tame yellow chocobos can be hatched by the player from eggs to assist in battle.

A special thanks to wikipedia and to the makers of final fantasy!

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