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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Troll--Other Sources


Trolls are usually depicted as large, clumsy brutes with thick skin. Though they vary greatly in appearance, they are all big, stupid and hungry. Trolls are able to vomit up the contents of their stomach at will, and as troll stomach acid is the most corrosive substance. The metabolism of trolls is such that although apparently knocked down and killed they can regenerate and recover unless actually decapitated.

Trolls are infamous for their regenerative abilities, able to recover from the most grievous of wounds or regenerate entire limbs given time. Severing a troll's head results merely in temporary incapacitation, rather than death. After cutting off a troll's head or other limbs, one must seal the wounds with fire or acid to prevent regeneration. Because of this, most adventurers will typically carry some sort of implement capable of creating fire.

Troll Variants
Black troll - Also known as demon trolls, these horned trolls reside in the Abyss and possess powerful magical abilities.
Blood troll - Lawful evil red-skinned trolls who often serve devils.
Cave troll - Powerful, feral trolls that often live underground.
Chaos Trolls--By living in the far northern climates, they have been horribly mutated by the twisting powers of Chaos. The Chaos Trolls are often used by followers of Nurgle.
Crystalline troll - Charismatic troll with crystalline skin.
Deep Sea troll - These trolls have a primal connection to water. They terrorize the oceans and coastlines.
Desert troll - Chameleon-like, intelligent ambush hunters.
Fell troll - Huge, two-headed troll.
Fire troll - Immune to fire and acid.
Forest troll - Includes variant "muskwart".
Giant troll - Giant trolls are the result of trolls breeding with hill giants.
Gray troll - Having been nearly energy drained to death by undead creatures, these emaciated trolls forge strong ties to negative energy and have venomous spittle.
Ice troll - Cold-dwelling trolls.
Mountain troll - Massive trolls that prowl mountains. Includes variant Halruuan mountain troll.
Mur-Zhagul - Planetouched creatures descended from the mingling of trolls and demons.
Phaze troll - Mutated by great concentrations of magic or Underdark radiations, these trolls possess some magical powers and are more intelligent than their brethren.
Pseudo-troll - Troll from the Far Realm with the pseudonatural creature template.
River Troll--are green coloured trolls with huge fangs, wide ears and blue scales along their body. They obviously live in the lakes and rivers of the old world. River trolls are noted for the fact that even compared to normal trolls, they are exceptionally disgusting and smelly.
Rock troll - Trolls with an affinity for earth, they possess natural camouflage in areas of stone. Rock trolls sometimes are found on the Elemental Plane of Earth.
Scrag - These are aquatic cousins of the troll.
Slime troll - The bodies of these underground-dwelling trolls constantly secrete acid.
Spirit troll - Spirit trolls are a crossbreed of troll and invisible stalker.
Stone troll - Stone Trolls have rough, somewhat rocky skin and are generally native to mountain ranges. Stone Trolls Stone trolls are blue coloured trolls with long noses, lanky builds and pebbly skin. They live in the high mountains where there is little to eat except stones. It is also believed that stone rolls' rocky diet has made them resistant to many things, most notably magic.
Tree troll - Small arboreal trolls created by magic gone awry.
Troll hunter - An ordinary, though more cunning than usual troll who is not satisfied with merely eating civilized beings but trains to hunt them relentlessly.
Two-headed troll - These creatures are a horrendous crossbreed of troll and ettin.
War troll - Trolls bred for war that form mercenary companies.
Wasteland troll - Found in mountains and badlands of the deserts.

Evolution in Artemis Fowl
Though no one is quite sure when trolls evolved, it is known that when the Fairies were driven underground, about 9000 to 10,000 years ago, trolls were already a menace. They evolved underground before the fairies came down. Not much is said about the earliest trolls or their particular notoriety for violence, though later on they do mention quite a bit about their physical make-up.

Trolls have massive strength. The bull troll that Holly encounters weighs a massive 180 kilograms (about 400 pounds) and has sharp, edged tusks. Trolls have developed an extremely thick skull after centuries of charging each other, and have claws that may be sheathed or protruded like a cats. They also have red eyes with slitted pupils, giving them good night-vision. In addition, they have venom and extremely long tusks. Besides their sheer strength, they have an aversion to any light, probably due to the fact they developed in the semi-darkness of underground tunnels. Any exposure to it will typically drive them insane - they attack everything they can until subdued by the LEP, or most probably killed by mud-men on the off chance of an encounter. Therefore, the ideal place for these creatures to dwell is in the Eleven Wonders theme park, with little to no outside contact and barely any light at all.

Effects on Human World
Trolls pose relatively little risk to the world of humans because they rarely survive to reach the surface. The only way a troll can emerge is to ride on the clouds of superheated gas that rise from a tunnel below the surface. One exception to this is the Artemis Fowl incident, in which the Council approved sending a troll to secure their hostage. If a troll survives to the surface it will be driven mad by both the sun and the noise it has to endure, and will proceed to rampage wherever they exit.

A special thanks to wikipedia, to all the inventive gamers who are undoubtedly aware of the existence of real trolls, to Eoin Cofer for the additional information, and to Minnhagen of for this slightly stolen image.

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