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Friday, March 7, 2008


Yoshis are generally depicted in games as being quite intelligent from a young age, many being able to defend themselves while still infants. While the main Yoshi himself is depicted as green, they come in a variety of colors, spanning every color of the rainbow, and even black or white. Some Yoshis have the ability to fly, breathe fire, cause earthquakes by stomping, and even stick out their tongues nearly three times their length. If yoshi enters enters a body of water, he will disappear and return back to his egg. They can swallow an enemy and plop them out as a egg.

While green is considered the standard color for Yoshi, his brethren appear in different colors, including blue, red, yellow, brown, orange, pink, purple, azure, turquoise, navy blue, silver, bronze and, more rarely, black and white. Black and white Yoshi have the distinct ability to digest chili peppers, which other Yoshis cannot. Generally, a Yoshi's shoe color is dependent on its color; red Yoshis wear blue shoes, for example. Different colors of Yoshi had different abilities, such as fire-breathing and flying.

Call of the Yoshi
Yoshis also can make a variety of sounds. Hopping onto Yoshi's saddle made one of a few sounds of affirmation; these were Yoshi's trademark noises the character began muttering his name and unintelligible words (such as "gong", "hup" and "wah!"), usually when idle or jumping. Besides "hup", "gong" and "wah!", Yoshi has said his own name. Yoshi also makes a "pshee-pshoo" sound. Nonetheless, Yoshi can be heard saying "yay!", or "ya hi ya ho!" It is unknown if Yoshi can actually speak the English language, although there are instances when he is seen talking normally.

Social Structure
Yoshis have a limited social structure, shown as living in villages with a few wooden constructions. However, Yoshis inhabit many areas of the world, from the Mushroom Kingdom to Isle Delfino.

Sports Star
Yoshi's appearances typically portray him as an agile character. He has an amazing ability to play almost any game with speed and skill. When driving, he has excellent acceleration, although he is also more likely to go off the track. While golfing, his shot is straight and average in height. Additionally, he is the fastest tennis player and baseball star, Yoshi is the speediest runner and can use his tongue to catch faraway balls. Additionally, Yoshi is a balanced captain. When he performs his Super Strike, green and yellow bubbles surround the character as he kicks the ball into the back of the net, usually hitting the goalie in the stomach and taking him into the net with it. When he performs his Mega Strike, he flies up into the air, sprouting the wings if he held a blue shell in his mouth, he draws in a lot of breath and as he breathes out it creates a considerable force on the ball causing it to be fired into the net. While playing basketball, Yoshi is an All-Around character, in contrast to his speedy nature in other sports games. His Special Shot is the Flutter Dunk. At close range, he holds the ball as he hovers toward the hoop in typical Yoshi style, leaving a rainbow trail. When he is outside the three-point line, he throws the ball to another teammate, with another rainbow trail behind the ball. In most of these games, Yoshi is mostly teamed up with Birdo, although their relationship is unclear.

Evolution of Yoshi
Although having the same general appearance, Yoshi's appearance has slightly changed over the years. Originally his features more resembled a dinosaur, with a long neck, small arms, and a wider back (conveniently for Mario to ride on.) Also he has small spikes from head to tail. As time continued, instead of looking older, Yoshi conveniently turned the clock back on time and gained a much younger look: shorter, chubbier, with larger arms and hands. As time continued, Yoshi gained much more human-like features (i.e.: standing up straight instead of curved, swinging his arms while running.) and his spikes would become smaller and blunter. He also inherited hovering and egg-throwing from the previous games, but he could only keep one egg with him as opposed to being able to carry many more.

Eating Habits
Yoshis have very long, sticky tongues. The captured enemy can be either spit out or somehow encased in an egg. They are omnivorous and seem to enjoy tropical fruits, especially melons. Some Yoshis can only be awoken by feeding them such fruits. Their noses can detect fruit and other secrets buried underground. Yoshi can spit out a variety of fruit juices which he needs to survive. Different fruits were known to change its color. Although they have teeth, these are rarely seen or used.

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