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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


A Remorhaz is an iconic Magical Beast that lives in the arctic. It is vaguely similar to the Frost worm.

Physical description
The appearance of the creature is somewhat difficult to describe. One might say it resembles a gigantic (5 feet (1.5m) wide and 20 feet (6m) long) centipede, only with longer legs. It is segmented, and each segment is jagged and heavily armored. The lower segments of its body bear legs, while the uppermost ones have webbed spines which look like a cobra's fan. Protruding from the back, with two on each segment, are big, red, jewel-like lumps which radiate extreme heat. The jagged, bladed head of the Remorhaz is almost impossible to describe, though it can be noted that it has four antenna-like growths, two coming from the chin/cheeks and two from the forehead. The Remorhaz is bluish-white in color, but has a reddish glow caused by its extreme body heat.

The Remorhaz, like the Frost worm , attacks by waiting beneath the ground (or in the Remorhaz's case, the snow) until it can sense prey walking above. It uses its body heat to melt the snow above it and then bursts up and ambushes the victim. It can be perfectly deadly by using its claws, grabbing and grappling with opponents, and swallowing foes whole, but because it is so hot, merely touching the creature causes fire damage.

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