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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


That's right.

It's your typical monster from under the bed.

This particular one is named Ifkiin...and he's from an enchanted land called Attika. As of yet, I have not discovered exactly what the name of his particular species is yet, for I haven't been allowed close and complete access to their realm. However, I have observed the following information--and am eagerly awaiting more as I explore this world under my bed.

The monsters of Attika range from a dusty golden brown to a bright red orange, and this particular monster is sort of a mix, with darker reds on the outside fading into orange and then sort of a yellowish orange in the middle. Typically tall and thin, these monsters have long, spindly limbs that are useful for grabbing things just beyond the edge of the bed--and for their lack of mass, the Attikans are surprisingly muscular and can lift many times their own body weight. Their sharp claws are useful, but are rarely used for anything more violent than scratching the feathery-like fur of their companion's backs. However, their long limbs and sharp claws make them highly suited to scrambling around the rougher places of the kingdom. The males have a single plume on top of their heads, and these often reflect their mood--drooping when sad and completely erect when proud or angry. The females also have plumes but they are smaller in size and divided into three feathery protrusions instead of one large one.

The things that grow under the bed are not discussed in polite society--but the monsters of Attika find them highly edible and satisfying.

The individuals of Attika double-dot their letter "i" for no reason other than the fact that it looks cool, or so I have been told. They have a highly sophisticated form of government, which as of yet, I have not seen because I'm currently a lower lifeform of the upperreaches and am supposedly unintelligent enough to understand anything more than their basic language. However, I have noticed there is a queen of sorts somewhere in the castle center...but she is guarded by many Attikan warriors with long spears called Rattiks--something I prefer to avoid if I wish to continue my study of these creatures.

Also...there is another clan of these monsters under the bed--they are the Basementines, fierce bluish green monsters that I have yet to study. These are the kind that purposefully frighten little children at night.

Interests of a select few...
Ifkiin particularly enjoys anything shiny--be it a stapler or a pen or even just an odd colored sock. He also enjoys the occasional slice of combination pizza with extra mushrooms.


Nerd Goddess said...

Yay! I likes it a lot! Also, what about the other clan of monsters?

Jekka Goaty Senoj said...

That's awesome Fiend!!

Have there been any known monsters to befriend children? Or do they see us as so inferior that they would shoo us away like a fly?

Jekka Goaty Senoj said...

Another question: Is there a clan of monsters for closets?

Ethenielle Teir'elenia said...

Yes, there have been a few rare incidents of children actually befriending monsters from under the bed, typically of the attikan clan. As for a clan of monsters from the closets?


Monsters Inc. probably gives you a good idea of what hangs out in there...