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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Trollocs were created by Aginor, one of the leading biologists of the Age of Legends, by crossbreeding human and animal stock. Trollocs are generally bipedal and humanoid, often with both human and animal features: human eyes but an eagle's beak, for instance, or a bear's paws and claws. They are the basic shock troops of the Shadow. The Trolloc name for the Dark One is Ba'alzamon (Heart of the Dark in the Old Tongue).

Trollocs are carnivores and are routinely fed captives taken during battles with humans, which are cooked in large cooking pots. If there are no prisoners then lower-ranking Darkfriends are sometimes fed to the Trollocs instead. It is often stated that they 'kill for the joy of killing'. Trollocs are known to be lazy and this is shown when Rand al'Thor and Loial sneak past a Trolloc guard in The Great Hunt and reclaim the Horn of Valere from Padan Fain.

Unlike other creatures of the Shadow, Trollocs are social animals and form into clan-like bands, such as Dhai'mon (Demon), Ghar'ghael (Gargoyle) and Ahf'frait (Efreet). Only male Trollocs are allowed to participate in raiding parties. Females are cloistered and remain in the Trolloc camps.
Some trollocs are capable of rudimentary human speech, but usually they converse amongst themselves in their own guttural tongue. Trollocs also have a written script for their language, in the form of angular runes.

One trolloc, Narg, spoke to Rand al'Thor in his home in "The Eye of the World". He has since become a beloved character to the fans of the Wheel of Time, even into crediting him with being the mastermind behind the whole series. After all, "Narg smart."

A special thanks to Wikipedia, Robert Jordan, and to the trolloc who posed for this picture...

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