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Friday, August 24, 2007


Very vain for a beetle, the Juliebug is Questkid Forest's astounding fashion designer. With its amazing sense of style and color coordination, the Juliebug changes its markings in the same way we would change our clothes. Many believe that the fashions of Questkid are started by the Juliebugs.

Because the Juliebug is often changing, it is difficult to give physical identification to these delightful insects. However, they are known to wear faerie-made sunglasses. These bugs are highly intelligent and know how to use their markings to camoflauge beautifully when it wishes.

The complete powers of the Juliebug are unknown. However, if one manages to catch and successfully flatter the Juliebug, it will grant you one beautifying wish--fair complexion, clear of acne forever, removal of unwanted facial hair or blemishes etc.

When angry, the Juliebug flashes different colors in a way that is almost blinding to the human eyes. If extremely angry, she will even start to clash--a horrible situation for a Juliebug to be in, due to the fact that they have a highly devoloped fashion taste.

The Juliebug detests the droolybug and considers it an insult to the insect kingdom. However, when encountering the destested beetle, the Juliebug will often feel generous--for it pities something that looks so ugly--and try to beautify the bug with its sparkling glamour magic. Unfortunately, the magic doesn't stick to the slippery droolybug, and it turns uglier and more wretched than it was before. As a result, the Juliebug keeps trying until the droolybug spits on it, as it does so many things. Indignant, the Juliebug will fly off in a huff.

A special thanks to Julie for brainstorming with me!

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