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Friday, August 31, 2007


A flumph appears as a jellyfish-like creature about three feet in diameter. Its body is round and almost flat. The body is flanked by two eyestalks, each about six inches long. Several short tentacles hang from the creature's underside, concealing a mass of small spikes. A flumph is pure white in color with slightly darker tentacles.

Flumphs are sentient, and if flipped onto its back, it is completely helpless.


The flumph hovers a few inches above the ground, or hangs motionless in reeds or similar concealment, hunting small creatures such as rats, frogs, and lizards. When it finds a small creature, it rises a foot or two, and drops onto its prey, piercing it with its spikes and injecting its acid into the wounds.

If threatened by a larger creature, the flumph attempts to drive it away by squirting a foul-smelling liquid from an orifice along its equator. If this fails, the flumph can rise to a height of 10 feet and drop onto an opponent, piercing it with its spikes and injecting its acid into the wounds.
Lol! I tripped over the existance of this unfortunate fantasy creature today....
A special thanks to wikipedia and to the makers of Dungeons and Dragons

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