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Friday, August 24, 2007


The laziest bug of Quest kid Forest, the droolybug is known for constantly umm....well...drooling.

Physical Description

Wandering around the forest, the Droolybug has a permanently vacant expression: dull eyes, mouth hanging slightly open, and a thing trail of drool constantly dripping from its mouth. It is still unknown how it manages to produce the drool in such horrific quantities.

Campers and travelers be warned. If you find your pillow abnormally wet--you have been victimized by the Droolybug! Do not attempt to protect your pillow with plastic, for this is the one thing that angers the bug. When angry, the Droolybug will squirt its saliva out both ends. So much drool will not only drench the plastic covered pillow to its core, but soak the idiotic individual as well in its disgusting substance.

The amount this bug can produce is similiar to a neverending firehose--but do not use it to put out a fire! Unlike human saliva, the droolybug's secretion is highly flammable. In one case, someone used an angry mass of these beetles to win a war--having them soak an enemy camp with the spit and then tossing a small match onto one of the trails after the bugs have safely departed.


When it can muster the energy, the Droolybug is known as the enemy of the Juliebug. Because the droolybug is the plainest bug in the forests of Questkid, its lack of creativity offends the Juliebug. When the two bugs collide, the droolybug pities the juliebug for its lack of moisture and promptly squirts an especially large glob of spit on the Juliebug's shiny shell.

A special thanks to Julie for brainstorming with me!

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