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Monday, July 30, 2007

Jeka Bird

Found in the forests of Quest kid, the Jeka bird is known by its distinctive, unusual, but most importantly obnoxious cry of “JEKAJEKAJEKAJEKAJEKAJEKAJEKA.” This repetition of its name has caused many a traveler to writhe in pain from the annoying assault upon their ears. Anything can cause the Jeka bird to cry out--whether its from a person walking below its tree, or the whether is too warm or too cold, or the tree is too tall or the flowers too pretty, or a leaf just happens to brush its head, or it feels like making itself known, or it is trying to warn the deaf fox to leave it alone before it falls on its head. These are only a few of the things that can annoy the Jeka bird, but if it is happy then it will also express it by its insufferable cry. Either way, the Jeka bird is more enjoyable when it is asleep or dead.

Because the Jeka Bird is so annoying, very few people have been able to study it for more than three hours--but there are some suspicions that the Jeka Bird feasts on the abundant insect, the Lyrical Ladybug. This insect makes a very pleasant hum when it flies that even spiders would rather listen to it than catch and eat it. However, the Jeka Bird believes that its cry is the loveliest sound in the forest, and does not like the lyrical ladybug intruding upon it, and so it will eat it to stop the "offensive" humming. It also dislikes the melodic cricket, and will eat one if it can get it, but does not try for those as they mostly live on the forest floor and near the deaf fox dens.

Although the only known predator is the deaf fox, the population of the Jeka bird is mostly kept low due to the fact that they fall out of trees and die upon impact with the ground. Also, despite its plump appearance, the jeka bird can fly quite fast when it wants to--but is more content to sit on a branch all day. Fortunately, the creature has such a poor sense of direction that it easily becomes lost in its own forest, sometimes its own tree.

As these are very wild and annoying birds, the Jeka bird is not something that can be found cooped up in a cage. There is only one known instance of the bird becoming somewhat of a “pet.” This unusual bird became a traveling companion to the Mastah Genius Debbie, who absolutely adored her birdy friend. However, the Mastah’s minions, the Nomadic Defective Minion "Jessica" and Elvish Pirate Gyspy Minion Fiend "Jenni," despise the bird and do all that they can to get rid of it.
A very special thanks to The Nomadic Defective Minion--for the original scan of the Jeka bird and compiling the details, and to the Mastah Genius, for filling in the blanks.


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